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Our Uley mine has a long history of producing high purity coarse flake graphite with a product mix serving a number of thermal applications including refractories and oil and gas drilling fluids.

Where we're heading

Our product mix is highly sought after, it is free from deleterious elements and ideally suited to environmentally sensitive mechanical purification processes. Our continued investment in advanced processing technologies will support the emerging EV battery market and contribute the critical thermal storage media essential to long duration energy storage needed to decarbonise global electricity grids.

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Quantum Graphite is the owner of the broader Mikkira Graphite Deposit located on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. Within this world class deposit sits the company’s flagship Uley Graphite Project.

The Uley Graphite Project consists of a fully permitted mining operation with five contiguous mining tenements.

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DFS, Reserve & Resources

“Without graphite, you could only raise sheep in Silicon Valley.”
SGL advertisement from 1995

Our Technology.

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Advanced Processing Technologies

Investments in proprietary advanced processing technologies has positioned the company to expand its customer markets to high temperature thermal applications such as expanded graphite.

Manufacturing and the Sunlands Co. Partnership

Utilising our advanced processing capabilities, we’re developing a manufacturing process for the supply of flake graphite based thermal storage media for emerging thermal battery manufacturer, Sunlands Co.

“Without graphite, you could only raise sheep in Silicon Valley.”
SGL advertisement from 1995




Our aim is to build a global platform for the processing and advanced manufacturing of flake graphite products from the Uley mines.

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Latest News - Orior Capital Rearch​

Orior Capital has undertaken an in-depth review and valuation of the Quantum Graphite business. Included is a critical analysis of the Company’s downstream long duration energy storage joint venture with Sunlands Co.

This research is the only detailed coverage of the massive opportunity of grid connected long duration energy storage for the only ASX listed company offeringdirect exposure to this market segment.

The full report is available here